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  Tribal Microsystems Inc. is an independent distributor of HI-LO Systems products and accessories. Tribal is the official HI-LO USA distributor.
  Need to program thousands of chips? Check out our ALL-GANG gang programmer. It can program up to eight chips simultaneously.
  Tribal is working together with all of the leading programmable IC manufacturers to bring you comprehensive and reliable programming support for parts from Altera, Atmel, AMD/Vantis, Cypress, Hitachi, ICT, Intel, Microchip, National Semiconductor, Philips, SST, TI, Winbond, WSI, Xilinx, Zilog and many more.
  Check out the ALL-100 Family Universal Programmer. It's an EPROM Programmer, EEPROM Programmer, PLD Programmer and Microcontroller Programmer all rolled into one. Options are available in a variety of price ranges starting at $995 (ALL-11A).
  Check out our newest USB products the ALL-11A / ALL-100.
  Please note that Tribal sells service contracts and repair services for all HI-LO Systems Device Programmer models ALL-11 and later. 

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